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(wont forget the way you loved me)

[04 May 2005|06:48pm]

soo i ahh.. finished my part 2 of my portraits project.. so heres the link if you care......


(2 | wont forget the way you loved me)

[01 May 2005|01:10pm]


I <3 YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

(3 | wont forget the way you loved me)

[24 Apr 2005|04:52pm]

so ya friday= my 17th birthday party!!! WOOT WOOT

soo heres the pics!!


partay in the house!!Collapse )

(2 | wont forget the way you loved me)

[13 Apr 2005|07:53pm]

heres the link for my portrait pics... i enjoy feedback


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depressing camp [13 Apr 2005|07:45pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

ok well... the last few weeks.. humm... finished my portrait assignment and i love the results so im happy with those... but ive been pretty depressed lately because of camp.. i didnt get in for cit and its killing me... i know its because i screwed up so bad doing laundry, and im sorry for that people.. i really am.. maybe if i cared more about the laundry and less about being involved in activities.. then i wouldve got accpeted this year.. but i didnt, and im soo depressed, this wouldve been my tenth year... 10 years.. i cant believe it and im not gonna be able to go.. i cant stop crying... its like camp is haunting me about this.. i mean i was sitting in timmy's today and they started playing helpless by neil young... and well if you didnt know that was remade into a camp song called camp is love.. i wanted to cry, and then when i got home, i see a letter adressed to me, and its from Camp Huronda, so i freak out thinking to myself its my acceptance.. it just came late.. but it was the stupid newsletter thing... i wanted to cry then even more... and now anthony wants me to call heather and ask if we can go up and visit but calling heather means that im gonna have to talk about my application, and i know im gonna start bawling on the phone.. and thats just embarassing... gah what am i gonna do.. its gonna take soo much for me to deal with the fact that im not going back to camp....omg... i hate this.. how can someone be soo attached to a place.. like holy shit its all i think about all the memories the people( even though alot of them dont like me) how am i going to do this.. i mean i already wouldve gone crazy if anthony werent around... he keeps telling me its ok.. and ill be ok, he did it last year.. but i mean.. it was his choice not to go back..i love him and thank him dearly for being here for me.. but i still dont know what im going to do.. hes not gonna stop at anyhthing unless we go up and visit this summer... so im gonna have to go.. but still..... god its gonna hurt soo much that day... im gonna be in tears (yet again) by the end of that day...i should stop talking im just getting more upset about this.....

portraits being posted soon

(wont forget the way you loved me)

[20 Mar 2005|08:42pm]

so just got bac from march break... went to myrtle beach with becca.. tons of fun.. theres pics below.. .love you all!


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[02 Mar 2005|05:04pm]
1: Open up whatever mp3 program you use and add every song in your collection.
2: Put it on random.
3: Pick lines from the first 10 songs that play.
4: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from.
5: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly.

1. my clothes are soaking wet from your brothers tears

2.you come chasing after me but im just barely out the door

xxxxx3.ive been waiting since birth to find a love that would look and sound like a moviexxxxx

4.are you listening? sing it back

5.ill be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake

6.tear my heart open sew my chest shut

7.forgivness will be the thing that gets us by

8.You and me are like one heart-beat

9.misguded by the 405 cuz it lead me to an alcoholic summer

10.i sleep i still see you lying next to me

(wont forget the way you loved me)

[22 Feb 2005|07:44pm]

photo class started... developed the film....and have scanner that scans film so i did so and played and this is what came out.....

cant seem to get images on lj at this time... so i will give link to other journal where they already are....





(3 | wont forget the way you loved me)

[20 Feb 2005|09:37pm]
ok new layout... i think this is the hottest layout ive ever done its a photo todd webb that i found while doing photo research and i think its the hottest thing ever....scratch that..........

MOULIN ROUGE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(1 | wont forget the way you loved me)

[20 Feb 2005|09:21am]

i did that test thing that kale said to do... and my answers are below but you have to do it before you read my answers...


answersCollapse )


(wont forget the way you loved me)

[07 Feb 2005|05:27pm]
so uh...new semester.....

1st- photo with kris and antony. seems like an ok class...gatti is the teacher...he seems kinda scary in the sense that you dont know if hes really angry or just jokin...and the fact that we have a bunch of assholes in that class....

2nd-biology with kris and karen, piccollo is the teacher he seems pretty good, hes helpful and i like that in a science teacher... that class has ok people...

then i have lunch with zaira kris paul...you know zairas group...

3rd- history with brian o neill and julia...awesome class cuz mr.clancy is the teacher and hes great i had him last year..

4th english- with anthony and fab... jones is the teacher and well she seems like a real ditz for a teacher...supposedly shes a bitch...but she seems ok to me...in that class theres a lot of asshole too.....but what can you do....

so ya thats my semester....and mhmm.....

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[06 Feb 2005|10:57pm]
WOOT WOOT new layout, love it i made everything myself, and its damn hot!

(2 | wont forget the way you loved me)

update and huronda memory [04 Feb 2005|05:29pm]
time to update!!!! ok well this week had exams...
monday- music.. easy as hell at least 90% on that..
tuesday- accounting....not soo great.....
wednesday- religion..pfft 100%
thursday-math.....well i studying my ass off and i think i passed...hope...

so last night, of should i say afternoon, went out for lunch with becca soo much fun cuz we never get to do anything anymore, so we had lunch came to my house, and then around 5:30 we went to erin mills and she got her hair cut, and then we left at 9. it was awesome...

today was winter activity day, and i went to mt.st.louis to do some good snowboarding it was great the weather was great, and my uncle did something to my bindings that was amazing i can board sooooo much better now, and ya.. so on the way home i sat with a bunch of grade 9's and i have officially decided grade nines are the best ever.. we started talking about ebaums world, and i was saying how zach solange and alex did it at my camp, and one of the girls is like...camp huronda? and im like yes...shes like you were the laundry lady and i was like yes i was. then she was all like i was in chalet 3 in b camp i remember you...then she was all your solange right..and im like noo im katie, and shes like well you look like solange ...so anyways the moral of this story is... YAY another hurondonian at power!!!!!!!!! wooot woot, and shes really cool, so the rest of the way back we talked about b camp and it was fun... i miss camp......

so i see that everyone else is doing this huronda memory thing..soo here mine goes....
i believe it was d camp 2003, mayb 2002 cant remember... so anyways its our shower time, so you know we are all showering getting all the dirty camp grime off of ourselves..i finish head back to the cabin, get dressed and then i went into shannons room (doherty) and i start talking to her while we wait for the rest of the cabin to get back from showers... all of a sudden we hear screaming and laughing and the next thing i know theres hannah at the door to shannons room but naked banging her ass on the door... so we are like what the hell is going on..so we let hannah in and we are like why are you naked...and shes like i forgot to bring a towel to the shower and i didnt want to put my clothes back on cuz then they would be wet... greatest moment ever.... and yes hannah recieved a h award for that!

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YAY camp people [30 Jan 2005|08:57pm]
soo today i went snowboarding up at devils glen in good ol' glen huron, it was beautiful out..perfect day for boarding so you know, it was great..but ya after we went to collingwood like we usually do and i went to see if maybe taylor was working today, cuz everytime i go she isnt..so i pull up to her cafe...and OMG shes working omg.i was sooo excited i was like shaking...i havent seen her since O, and i was soo happy so i talked with her for a few mins, family ordered some stuff and we were on our way home, man the stuff at her cafe is really good..., but turns out its really sugary, just in case any of you diabetics happen to stop there, i realized this cuz my numbers are like HI right now and thats basically all ive eaten...so theres some caution, and well ya... i love camp people i really do. and it was funny cuz we both happened to be wearing our staff shirts...oh huronda, always lighting up my life!????????????!??

(4 | wont forget the way you loved me)

[24 Jan 2005|07:45pm]
soo uh ya....exams are coming up and ahh im going to fail math......i hate math hate it hate it hate it....i need to get like a 70 on this fucking exam...and it like sucks soo much, all my other marks are like 75 80 90...and then theres math... 50...bastard...anyways on other news everything with kris and zaira blew over and we are all closer and talking again, and umm....today nothing too exciting...supposed to have training after school for the snowboard team...but that didnt happen cuz we couldnt find the teachers and i think im supposed to go to centennial tomorro for training to but i have no idea... so i better get my shit together for that...and i need to hound on my mom to go out and get me that damn slr camera because i need it in a week.....stupid dad telling me his camera was fine for my course...liar his camera doesnt work...well this entry seems to be more of a to-do list than an actual entry....oh well....just a reminder for stupid ol' me...

(wont forget the way you loved me)

[18 Jan 2005|05:41pm]
[ mood | blah ]

so did i mention i made the snowboard team...WOOT WOOT...except me being dull didnt think we trained or anything...cuz when my brother was on it her never trained...but anyways turns out we do...there goes my self esteem down the drain ....especially since im in the worst shape of my life right now because ive been off dance for like 2.5 months with a broken foot...so now i have to go do training tomorro in fromt of tons..of people....including hot guys..and well...im not in such a great mood about doing that...but i mean...its not that big a deal....but anyways....turns out the huronda people from blurty have moved to lj!! so yay more friends for me..and that makes me soo happy because i never get to talk to those people...and i love them soo much...so woohoo..and umm ya today...stuff blew over with kris turns out she wasnt mad at me just going through shit..and zaira was away which made me sad...but it turns out shes going thtough shit too..bad time of the year.. everyone is at a low...i hope we all come out of it soon cuz i dont like it...and well ya thats all for now...

(6 | wont forget the way you loved me)

[05 Jan 2005|11:13pm]

ok so umm today...long story short...i got a cat=D=Dor should i say kitten...his name started as buddha, but daddy didnt like that so we decided pippen would work...so i have a kitten named pippen...and pics are below.


pippen picsCollapse )

(2 | wont forget the way you loved me)

[27 Nov 2004|09:41pm]
ok well i got this thing from kale its interesting so im going to fill it out

TEN random things about me

10.im an irish dancer
9.i recently broke my foot
8.i miss camp
7.i love my friends more than anything in the world
6.im crazy
5.i like sappy love movies even though i cry about my singleness every time i watch them
4.i am actually part ukranian...besides what people think
3.i live in mississauga, but go to school in toronto
2.i love salad
1.i love eeyore

NINE places you have visited
9.Quebec city
7.myrtle beach,SC
5.frankenmuth, MI

EIGHT things i want to do before i die

8.fall in love and marry a man i love
7.loose 60 pounds
6.become a championship irish dancer, otherwords win the worlds
5.get a good paying job
4.live in ireland for a year at least
3.travel the world
2.become popular
1.be loved by everyone

SEVEN ways to win my heart

7.listen to me
6.be there for me when i need a shoulder to cry on
5.understand my love of my friends and camp
4.accept me the way i am
3.be openminded about everything
2.accept gay men
1.love me

SIX things i love to do
4. write
3. draw/paint
2.care for others
1.spend time with my best friends

FIVE things im afraid of
4.not being accepted
2.never finding someone to love
1.loosing all my friends

FOUR of my favorite items in my bedroom

4.my pictures of good times with my friends
3.my collection of eeyore stuff
2.my music
1.my memories(as in things people have given me)

THREE things i do everyday

3.talk to friends on msn
2. do diabetes shit
1.long for love

TWO things im trying not to right now

2.make this sound depressing
1.be insecure about my life

ONE person i want to see right now

1.damn i cant decide....either camp people..especially nicole...or zaira and or kris

(wont forget the way you loved me)

[11 Nov 2004|07:57am]
[ mood | tylenol#3s make you numb ]

it is currently 7:51 am....why am i not on my way to school you ask...well the answer is that..im fucking sick. and i wont get better.... currently...my parents have told me to stay home because i was crying...why was i crying you ask...welll have you ever had horrrible migraines....maybe you have maybe you havent..i used to get them all the time...but then i stopped...and when i woke up this morning...well i had a present in my head...that present was an extremely painful throbbing sensation in my head...and it wasnt really a sensation it was more of a....FUCKING SHIT IT HURTS...then i took 2 advil liquigels...and then nothing happened...then i started crying cuz the throbbing was getting worse...thats when parentals told me to stay home and to go in for period 2 or something...soo...then they gave my tylenol#3..the strong shit...so basicallly im getting to the point of not feeling anything right now...and well thats my story of the morning........blah!!!

(wont forget the way you loved me)

[30 Oct 2004|02:08pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

why is everyone going to a halloween party except me...while im sitting at home give candy to little bastard children...kris zaira and tina will be at rocky horror...becca will be at kims party..and im just left alone.....no one even invites me..and when i ask if i can come to rocky i get i dont think you parents will let you..or in other words i dont want you to come.....ahh....why dont i have any friends...why cant i go to a party for once in my life

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